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Power of AI for Smart Notes Taking, Client Progress. Tailored Exercises. Gamified Patient Experience

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ProgressMagic 101

A productive powerhouse

Simple, flexible, and powerful. All it takes are boards, lists and cards to see who’s working on what and what’s left to do

Bring every client together for effortless management

Revolutionize your approach with our all-in-one solution. Consolidate client information and appointments, and track progress seamlessly. Experience unparalleled organization and efficiency that will supercharge your practice

Track the progress of your clients’ success stories

Stay actively involved in your clients’ journey. Monitor their progress, celebrate milestones, and personalize your guidance. Build stronger connections while driving amazing outcomes

Stay on top of important details with client notes

Enhance your client relationships with comprehensive note-taking. Note down document insights, preferences, and milestones to deliver a tailored experience that sets you apart and fosters meaningful connections

Seamless communication with integrated chat

Maintain real-time connections with ease. Our integrated chat feature facilitates instant communication, enabling you to offer timely support, resources, and guidance. Strengthen your client relationships through seamless and direct interaction

Automated, AI-driven note-taking during sessions

Seamlessly transform conversations into structured notes, so therapists can stay present. No distractions again!

Generate goals and homework for your clients with AI

Uncover tailored goals and engaging tasks with AI. Cultivate resilience, foster well-being, and enrich life's chapters with meaningful experiences

Prioritize self-care, wellness, and joyful anticipation, making the path to motherhood a cherished adventure, with the help of AI

Rediscover purpose with AI's bespoke goals. Embrace community, stay active, and connect with new experiences for a richer, more satisfying life

Gamified Experience
for Clients

Step into a gamified patient experience designed to revolutionize healthcare engagement. Dive into interactive challenges, educational quests, and rewarding milestones, making the journey to wellness an exciting and empowering adventure for your clients

Use Cases

Built for anyone to manage their clients

Comprehensive Client Management

Productively manage and streamline your therapy sessions. From appointments to progress tracking, our tool enables you to offer a holistic therapeutic experience.

Secure Notes and Documentation

Keep sensitive client notes and documentation organized and safe. Our platform ensures privacy, all while offering you options to provide amazing and personalized care

Goal-Oriented Progress Tracking

Set objectives and monitor your clients' therapeutic progress. Our goal-oriented features facilitate personalized treatment plans, helping you achieve breakthroughs together

Integrated Telehealth

Seamlessly conduct virtual therapy sessions. Our integrated telehealth capabilities enable smooth and easy connections, ensuring continuity of care - wherever you are

Tailored Goal Setting

Collaboratively set and achieve impactful goals. Our platform empowers you to personalize coaching journeys, driving transformative outcomes for your clients

Real-Time Feedback

Provide instant feedback and support. With in-app messaging and progress tracking, you can guide your clients through challenges and celebrate their successes in real time

Resource Sharing Hub

Curate and share resources effortlessly. Our tool serves as a hub for your coaching materials, ensuring your clients have access to valuable insights at their fingertips

Personalized Accountability

Foster commitment and accountability. Use our platform to track client progress and hold them accountable, driving consistent growth and achievement

Customized Workout Plans

Tailor workout plans to individual needs. Our platform helps you create and adjust routines, ensuring each client's fitness journey aligns with their unique goals

Progressive Tracking

Monitor fitness progress comprehensively. With our tracking features, clients can log achievements, and you can adapt routines for optimal results

Nutritional Integration

Integrate nutrition planning seamlessly. Empower clients to track their dietary choices alongside their workouts, creating a holistic approach to health and wellness

Client Engagement Through Chat

Maintain a motivating and informative connection. Our in-app chat feature lets you provide guidance, answer questions, and keep clients inspired throughout their fitness journey

Never miss an appointment!

Work smarter as a team with real-time chat. Tag individuals or groups, assign comments for action items, and link tasks to get more done together.

Seamless scheduling

Simplify the way you schedule appointments with our user-friendly interface. Our tool helps you set up new appointments efficiently, ensuring that your availability aligns perfectly with your client's needs. Spend less time on logistics and more time transforming lives

Flexibility at your fingertips

Life is unpredictable, and we get that. The reschedule and cancel feature grants you the flexibility you need. Whether it's a last-minute change or a shift in plans, effortlessly reschedule appointments or handle cancellations while keeping your schedule intact. Your clients will appreciate the ease of working with you.