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Together, we aim to empower you with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, ensuring you can deliver exceptional results for your clients.

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Up to 70% Discounted Rates

As a valued partner of I HAVE THE POWER, enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 50% off the regular market rates, making premium tools more affordable.

Tailored Solutions Aligned with NLP

Thanks to our collaboration, benefit from customized solutions specifically aligned with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), ensuring seamless integration and enhanced effectiveness.

Exclusive Pricing

Progress Magic is pleased to offer exclusive pricing tailored specifically for coaches within the I HAVE THE POWER network.

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Bring every client together for effortless management

Revolutionize your approach with our all-in-one solution. Consolidate client information and appointments, and track progress seamlessly. Experience unparalleled organization and efficiency that will supercharge your practice

Track the progress of your clients’ success stories

Stay actively involved in your clients’ journey. Monitor their progress, celebrate milestones, and personalize your guidance. Build stronger connections while driving amazing outcomes

Stay on top of important details with client notes

Enhance your client relationships with comprehensive note-taking. Note down document insights, preferences, and milestones to deliver a tailored experience that sets you apart and fosters meaningful connections

Seamless communication with integrated chat

Maintain real-time connections with ease. Our integrated chat feature facilitates instant communication, enabling you to offer timely support, resources, and guidance. Strengthen your client relationships through seamless and direct interaction

Gamified Experience for Clients

Step into a gamified patient experience designed to revolutionize healthcare engagement. Dive into interactive challenges, educational quests, and rewarding milestones, making the journey to wellness an exciting and empowering adventure for your clients

Companion Mobile App Your Practice's Digital Ally

Strengthen Client Connections. Motivation Through Gamification. Seamless Automated Follow-Ups.

Automated, AI-driven  note-taking during sessions

Seamlessly transform conversations into structured notes, so therapists can stay present. No distractions again!

Effortless Online Bookings

Simplify the booking process with an intuitive online system that allows clients to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments 24/7, without the back-and-forth communication

Simplified Payment Handling

Facilitate smoother transactions with secure, integrated online payment options, making it easier for clients to pay for sessions and reducing administrative overhead. Track
your Earnings.